Quote of the Day

Our thoughts, our attitude, and our actions in the morning can have a strong effect on our whole day. We may wake up feeling happy, depressed, energetic, exhausted, etc.  We can either expect to have a good day or to focus on our problems and all the things on our to-do lists. Our thoughts create our emotions. We have control over our thoughts and also have the power to start our day on a positive note. This is something I strive to do for myself every morning and encourage our team to do the same. 

On a “normal” non-Distance Learning school day, a simple, daily practice I did and that I know many leaders do as well, was to write an inspirational “Quote of the Day” on the whiteboard next to the staff mailboxes. Words are powerful and a  little morning inspiration can go a long way. The “Quote of the Day” didn’t affect every person in the same way; and that’s okay. The “Quote of the Day” was put there with the hopes that it would  encourage and uplift those that needed it that day. It served as a reminder for us to start the morning on a positive note and conquer the day. 

In Spring 2020, when we unexpectedly transitioned to Distance Learning due to COVID-19, I stopped to reflect and think about which leadership practices could possibly transfer to a virtual setting.  Sharing a “Quote of the Day” was one practice that could easily be done remotely. The question was, “What platform would I use to send out the quote?”

Luckily, I already had all my staff signed up on Remind. It’s an easy tool I was already using to get a quick, short, or urgent message to my team throughout the school year. I realized that I could leverage this app’s functions to send out the daily “Quote of the Day.” One Remind’s best features is that that you can schedule your posts ahead of time if needed. I scheduled the daily quote to go out at 7:30 am, every morning. I continued this practice until the end of the school year and have continued doing this since we’ve returned this school year. I send out quotes that speak to me with the hopes that it will also speak to someone else. If the quote helps just one person start their day on a good note, then it was all worth it! 

You might be thinking, “I don’t have Remind and I don’t have time to look for motivational quotes.” No worries!  Sending a daily or weekly email with an inspirational quote may work just as well. There are endless possibilities to how you can send the quotes. It’s not what tool you use, but the words you send, that matter. 

If time to find a daily quote is too much for you to take on right now, I’ve got you covered! I’ve uploaded over 100 quote images into THIS Google Folder. You can start using them TODAY! The majority of the quote images  you’ll see in the folder are quotes that I have used. I will keep adding new quote images to the folder throughout the school year so you can continue to have options to choose from. You’re welcome :). 

I hope this post and quote images collection will inspire you to inspire others. Keep being amazing and remember to “Keep it Simple.”


Resource: Google Folder with over 100 quote images

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