“Game Changer”

Now that we know who is going to the Super Bowl, let’s have some fun during the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl! We all know that educators are true game changers, so the name of this idea is called exactly that- “Game Changer.” 

It’s a fun and simple idea that was shared on one of my Principal Facebook groups, that will inspire smiles, kindness and positiveness amongst your team.  

Basically, it’s like a Super Bowl pool where people pay for squares in the hopes of winning money. This version is set up in the same format (without having to pay for a square). The only way staff can add their name to a square is if they do something above and beyond for a student or colleague.  This could be a positive phone call home, having lunch with a student, encouraging a colleague, sending someone a nice note, or anything else that makes a positive difference in someone’s life.

Staff can write their name on the chart up to 3 times. The Friday before the Super Bowl, we will randomly assign numbers to the rows and columns and winners will be announced on the following week’s staff bulletin. 

Various prizes will be given to the winners of each quarter and the winner of the final score. It’s a simple, yet fun way to encourage staff to be a “Game Changer” in someone else’s life. 

Click HERE for a copy of an editable version of the “Game Changer” template.

“Game Changer”

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