Padlet of “Remote Learning” Resources

It is amazing to see how the educational community has rallied together to support one another through this challenging time by being generous with their resources and expertise. It is incredible how many people are sharing via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Friday was our last day before Spring Break. We left on Friday not knowing whether our district would be closing schools after our scheduled return. As you can imagine, this left our team, students, and families a little anxious about what was to come.

At Alice Birney Elementary, like at so many other schools across our nation, our team works together to lift up and support one another in any way possible. In the event of a school closure, I thought it might be a good idea to set up a Padlet of resources for our teachers in the event that we did not return on our scheduled date. At the time (Thursday evening) I did not realize how many amazing resources educators from across the country would be sharing with others. Since last week, the resources added on our Padlet has grown from just one or two resources to many resources.

I am sharing this Padlet with you all with the hopes that it could maybe help you, too. If you come across additional resources, please feel free to add a post and share with others. We are #bettertogether!

Thank you in advance for helping to build one another up during a time that we probably never thought we’d be experiencing. We need each other now, more than ever. Remember to give yourself and others grace, stay at peace, and take care of yourself. As much as possible, try to check in on your colleagues and students. We are all doing our best to navigate these waters and we could all benefit from a little extra “love.”


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